Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Treat Freebie!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to stop by real quick to share with you this treat topper freebie I made for my co-workers. I want to give them a little sweet treat in honor of Halloween on Friday, and I wasn't seeing any toppers that I liked, so I made my own. There are two different colors. :) Feel free to grab and use for your students or friends! :) Click on the toppers for your freebie!

 Have a great Saturday! I'll be back tomorrow for a post on our week! :)


Saturday, October 18, 2014

How I Organize my Data Binder

Hey guys! 
It's been a bit since the last post, but I know I mentioned I would be doing a post on data binders. I unfortunately don't have any freebies to give concerning them, but I thought it might be helpful to show you how I organize mine. (I always like to see other people's to get ideas!)
Here we go!

First, here is the binder...I found it FREE on TPT

Each student section starts off with MClass reading Data/DIBELS. I have space to fill in for beginning, middle and end of year.

Behind that is a writing rubric our district uses. This is also returned to throughout the year to get updated.

I also am utilizing Jodi Southard's math assessments and I have a section where I can record mastery of each standard I assess.

 And then I have the student's reading levels for where they are at at different points of the year. The star indicated where they should be at each time. :)
 I really like this binder, and I have it for parent conferences and if I have to refer a student. FYI, I don't keep their actual math assessments in the binder. I file those in my filing cabinet. :)

If you have any questions, just ask! Have a relaxing Saturday! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Currently October

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! It is a gorgeous day outside and I'm thinking I might take the dog for a walk this evening. It has been seasonably cool and sunny all day. Love the early fall!

So here is my Currently!
Listening- I usually don't have any background noise on when I'm on the computer (helps me think)

Loving- I worked on parent conferences this morning then did a number on the house. My husband is out of town and will be back tomorrow and I want to just have the time to spend with him before the work week and not worry about a messy house! :)

Thinking- we have a crazy week ahead. Tuesday night, we have a curriculum night for the parents and then I start conferences on Monday. I have them 3 days this week and then 4 days next week and so far, a little more than half of my parents have signed up. I like conferences but also dread them...

Wanting- fall is my favorite season and now that we are living in NC, the trees don't change as fast. I love their beautiful colors and can't wait for them to show their glory!

Needing- my poor kitty ate the last of her food this morning, we feed her twice a's almost time for her dinner, so I better run to the store.

Trick- I have started using a lot of Whole Brain Teaching techniques  in my class this year and I love the smiley/frowney game. For each good thing I see the class doing, ex. staying on task, I give them a smiley point. If I see them not following directions or following our CHAMPS, I put a tally on the frowney side. I set my timer for 20 minutes and when it goes off, if they have more smileys, we do a quick brain break on gonoodle. I love it and it reminds me to get in those breaks throughout the day! There has only been 1 time so far we had to skip the break because we had more frowneys. 

Ok folks, that's all for now...I will be doing a post on how I organize my data binder stay tuned for that! Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busy Times (and a noun freebie)

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!
I'm not going to lie, this has been an exhausting year so far. I have a very difficult class and behavior problems are evident almost each day. I have finally had to crack down last week and the student's are doing a little better, so hopefully it can go up from here. 
I find myself thinking at least once a week of a different career opportunity. Teaching is so hard sometimes. :( This is my 4th year and it's rough sailing, I still feel at times like I am just treading water but not fully getting the hang of it. And then also with trying to start a family, there's just A LOT going on. 

Anyway, I wanted to give you a peek at some of the things we've been up to and give you a noun freebie.
We've learned about apples and investigated their characteristics

We started a unit on forces and motion, and drew a path, they blew a seed to try and keep it on the path

I am starting Lori's interactive notebooks for center time (see more info below)

Our home-school projects for the month of September
So my center time has been a little bumpy and I just did an overhaul this week. Now, they are in partners, instead of groups of 4 and have an independnet activitiy to do at their desks before they can start their centers. It went much better this week (the noise level before was out of control)

I purchased Lori Rosenberg's Interactive Grammar notebooks and have decided to use a page a day as part of their independent work. I really like them and will probably also purchase her phonics one.
First Grade Grammar Interactive Notebook
For one of my tub activities in literacy centers this week, we are going to review nouns. The student's will do a noun sort, and then complete a noun drawing activity. I plan on putting these in page protectors to save on copies. Feel free to click the pic if you would like a copy as well!
That's all I've got for now! I'm excited for this week ahead, I've got CHAMPS training on Thursday and then we have an early release day on Friday! :) Have a nice week friends!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A couple apple Freebies

Hi Friends! 
I hope your weekend is going well. I worked on school stuff all morning while the hubby was at work. I'm finally caught up. (which is good because I guess my hubby invited guests over for dinner tomorrow night! haha)

I have to say, this year overall is proving to be a tough one. I think I've mentioned, I have a pretty difficult class. Lots of behavior issues and a couple special needs. Many are sweet hearts and even the ones that are challenges have the potential to be sweethearts, but they sometimes really test my patience and I get to thinking, why am I doing this?! It's tough. :(

Anyway, we have our Scholastic book fair this week and because of that, we don't have library. I thought I would have the kids silent read for a bit, then we'll do a couple apple activities since we don't get to do a whole lot of hands on things. I'm planning on doing a graphic organizer, showing Johnny Appleseed Brainpopjr video and then having an apple taste test and graphing our results.
I have included the graphic organizer and graphing for free. :) If you'd like to snag a copy, just click on the pics. 

I'm off to enjoy the evening and maybe sit outside with some ice cream. It's a very comfortable night out. :) Have a good rest of your weekend!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The First Few Weeks

Hi Friends! I thought I would write a post on how things are going so far this year. Tomorrow starts week 3 of school so we haven't been in too long, but it's been a tad crazy nonetheless.
First I want to say, I have a lot of awesome cuties this year, but I also have a few challenges. I'm still positive that they'll come around but it's made for a difficult transition so far.
I completely did an overhaul on my behavior system after the first week. I did have the clip chart, but they really weren't responding to it and since kindergarten does it as well, it was really no longer effective going into first (at least for my class) So I scrapped it, and signed up for Class Dojo! I've done it before and it worked pretty good, so I emailed the parents and they are on board more so than the clip chart and the kids have loved it too this week! My little one who talks a lot and needs constant redirection even showed emotion when I took a couple points away!
Anyway, here are some pictures at what we've been up to!
They really like doing an episode of kidsyoga (on youtube) occasionally after lunch... (I almost had to cut it short however because some of my boys were getting too silly and not doing the yoga)

We talked about fiction/nonfiction books and used Scholastic flyers to sort some books in small groups. I really loved this activity and could definitely see who were understanding the concept!

I introduced another activity in word work...they get to write their words on their boards (so far they know whiteboards, rainbow write and secret code!)

I introduced Fun Friday centers and 2 of the centers included games and unifix cubes. :)

This week will be a busy one, we start standardized reading testing (we use an online program called MClass..have you heard of it?) 
And then we have a 9/11 parade on Thursday, but I will be out of the building for training so I hope they are good and listen to the sub! :)

That's all for now..enjoy your Sunday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Is it the weekend yet??!! and Currently

Hey friends! Whew...we started back last week and it's been a whirlwind so far. First grade as a whole has a very challenging group this year, but I feel like my class needs the most help. I've got some tough cookies this year and we are taking a bit longer getting routines and rules down, but I think we'll get there!
I wanted to share with your real quick my currently...
LISTENING--sometimes it's nice to just be on the computer when I get home and not turn on anything else. It's nice to unwind after a chaotic day! :)

LOVING-the first few weeks of school are a killer, that I really look forward to those weekends..I'm glad we're almost there!

THINKING--As soon as the hubby gets home, I'm making spaghetti...I'm starving

WANTING--I know it's a little personal, but I feel like you are my virtual family, so I like sharing..but if you'd been following, you know we started trying to conceive. No good news yet, but I'm hoping and have my fingers and toes crossed!

NEEDING--last weekend, we went to Nashville and the weekend  before that, school was starting so I am looking forward to not doing anything this weekend except catching up on relaxing and sleep!

3 TRIPS--I've always wanted to go to vegas..I'm not a gambler, (and would prob lose all my money) but I would love to see all the shops and hotels
I have always wanted to visit paris, we talked about going for our honeymoon, but that was a 7 grand trip we just did not day hopefully!
I am big into history and love beautiful southern homes, I would love to plan a trip to new orleans in the future!

That's all for now! Have a great night! :) Don't forget to link up your currently!