Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meet the Teacher Linky!

Hello! I am just taking a break from cleaning the house today in anticipation of one of my hubby's friend and his wife to come over and I thought I would link up over at Falling into First for her Meet the Teacher Linky! we go!

So I am a 27yo wife, teacher, baker, crafter, pinner and country lovin' gal! I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and have taught for the past 3 years. When I graduated college, I got a job as a Title 1 math teacher, then when budgets were being cut, I started looking elsewhere and got a job in Asheboro, NC! The hubby (fiance at the time) packed up and we made the move that summer. I taught first grade in 2012, then moved to Greensboro and taught Kindergarten at a charter school. In October 2013, I got married!! (8 years comin!)

We just bought our first house this summer!

I wanted to be a little closer to home (the commute was 40 min) so I started looking...again, and accepted a first grade job at one of my neighborhood schools...(now the commute is less than 10!) I'm really grateful for the life I have been dealt so far, and I am excited to see what his new year will bring!

Starbucks. Art. Country music. Dresses. My cat. The color Pink. Creating teaching stuff. Polka dots. Retro clothes. Cat eyes. Funky pens. Florida Georgia Line. The countryside. Wine! Cheesecake. Tacos. The beach. Ross Clothing store. Bows.

There's no doubt, I would want to be a baker..maybe an owner of a cupcake store. I love to bake!!

Shy. Creative. Hopeful.

"I love Mondays! Said no teacher ever.

This may sound corny, but I think I would bring my best friend Becca. I haven't seen her since my wedding and we live so far apart, that we haven't been together on my birthday since I was probably in college.

The girl who Hoped, Prayed and never gave up.
That describes me perfectly....although I'll never pass up going out for good food!

Right now, I am really loving my champs posters and can't wait to use them!
Bee Themed Champs posters

Hmm..the hubby and I started trying for baby #1 a little over a month good news yet, but we're hopeful and praying every day!...Think about us friends!

Your turn...head over to Falling into First to link up and let us get to know you!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Days Poster Freebie!

Hi Friends! I've been working like mad on school stuff these past few days and trying not to get too overwhelmed. 
I made a calendar/math area where we will meet each morning after announcements to sing our songs, work with numbers, etc...I realized I always sing the days of the week song, but didn't have a poster for reference this year. I made one up real quick and wanted to share with you! Enjoy! Have a great weekend! Last one of freedom for me before it's prof development next week and then kiddos on Aug 25th! Ahh!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014-15

Hey friends! I'm stopping by bloggy world to share with you some pics I snapped yesterday while setting up the classroom. It's been very rainy here and the only way to unload my car (without asking the janitors for a cart to wheel to the back of the school each time) is to drive my car over the grass to the back...don't worry, I asked and it was long story, I've had my car loaded with things, but haven't been able to drive over the grass because I don't want to make tire marks. So yesterday, I just brought in a box with decorations and figured I'd do some of that until I could unload the big stuff. Here we go...
calendar wall

computer center with character traits along wall

student cubbies and soon to be word wall :)

my teacher desk and student work bb

view from door

front of the classroom

our little job bb

the listening center...I need to grab some books from the library

our carpet area..I didn't want to cover the windows and get as much natural light in as possible!

guided reading desk with bags ready to go on student's desk for open house

Some areas of the room, my bee theme really comes out and I love that, but I wish we could hang things from the lights...every school I've been in so far has not allowed that, and I am so jealous of you who can!

One of the teachers on my team said if I didn't want a teacher desk and guided reading table, I could get rid of the teacher desk..but I actually like having both. I want to be able to organize my things in a desk rather than keep on bookshelves near the reading table. ;)

As you can see, I organized the desks into 5 groups. I like have table provides that sense of community (Even though sometimes, it also allows for more chattiness!)

There are just a few more things on the agenda and then the room will be perfect. We don't officially start until the 25th and open house isn't until next week..the 20th, but I definitely didn't want to be scrambling at the last minute! :)

Enjoy your day friends, I'm off to relax!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

1 More Full Week!

hello friends! I hope you are having a great weekend! It's been very rainy and gloomy here..but great for relaxing and taking things slow. ;) Yesterday the hubby had a friend over all day so I was able to get caught up and create SO much school stuff!...and I am grateful I have one more full week coming up of summer break still!!
Today the only thing on my agenda is grocery shopping, finishing laundry and reading. :)
I have a freebie for you..I've been printing out a ton of posters to decorate my classroom and didn't find an "EEKK" poster that I really loved, so I made my own. Feel free to snag it if you like it as well. I know there's a lot of posters out there and this is just another choice! ;)

On a non-educational note, (and I hope this is not TMI, but after many days of low fertility on my clear blue ovulation tester, I finally got my first "high fertility" smiley face today!) The hubby and I have been TTC now for just a little over a month and a half, but it already feels like forever! Haha, I hope things go well this month and we get some good news. (keep us in your prayers friends! Thank you!) 
I'm off to get more chores done...have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My awesome purchases!

Hey friends! So I have been in training these past two days, but have had my TPT cart ready to go..I was getting very antsy to buy what I had put in there, but too busy at the end of yesterday so click the purchase button! Then today, I thought about it a lot at training, and didn't want to forget so I came home, and parked it on the couch! haha. I feel very good about what I got. I actually bought a few things, checked em' out and added feedback then used my TPT credits and the promo code to go back for more! Sweet deal! So with out further's what I got!
1)  Morning work 1st grade- I am very excited to use this packet. I have always had a lot of kids finish their morning work too early, but I like that Faith has a LA side and a math side. I think that will be perfect for my class!!

2) Back to school no prep packet- first off, I love everything that Annie creates, and I think this will be perfect for homework the few couple weeks of school!

3) September Math Journals- I am planning on doing some math journaling before we start our whole group lessons each day. I love this product (and all the months that Reagan has put out!)

4) Student Engagement- I actually didn't even see this until I was looking at how many others have purchased and gave RAVE reviews...I can't wait to read it!

5) Guided reading just the games- my district seems to be pretty clear cut on our guided reading program, but I just adore these games made by Kristin. I can't wait to play them with my small groups!

6) Math workshop print and go- I am prepping my math centers to be used in September (see below) but I wanted to have something for them to do if they finish early..or anytime during the day. I think these will be perfect!

7) Parent reminder notes- I think these are too stinkin' adorable and cannot wait to print out on different colored paper to send home in the kids' binders!

8) Back to School math centers- Again, another amazing product by Reagan. I cannot wait to get these printed and laminated. I plan on having the students do one a day and rotate through them throughout the week. This product will give me two weeks worth of math centers! :)

9) Friends in First- I cannot wait to use the activities in this packet the first week of school. They are adorable and will make the first week a fun and easy transition back into the groove of things for my firsties.

whew! I had so much fun seeing what was available and stocking up my cart. Now I think I'm done for a while or the hubby might not be too pleased with this teacher! haha.
I'm off to make dinner and feed the pooch! Tomorrow it's more training for me :/ My district does Fundations for our phonics and word work curriculum. Have you heard of it? I actually did it during my student teaching and I really like it! 
Anyway, there are just a few hours left on the sale...head on over to TPT to stock up! Happy shopping!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bee themed teacher toolbox Freebie!

Hey friends! Hope your weekend is going well! I just wanted to write a quick post and share with you a product I just created this morning...
I have started to get obsessed with my bee theme and I am also a little OCD and it drives me nuts if things are all matchy-matchy! haha, so I redesigned the labels for my teacher toolbox this year to make my classroom theme. If you are doing a bee theme as well, please head over to my store and pick this up! (Did I mention it's FREE!) :D Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Currently August...What?!!

Hey sweet friends! I cannot believe it's August!! Where the heck did the summer go? For me, this summer seemed to go particularly fast. I had a lot going on at the beginning with buying a house and trying to find a new job closer to home. Then at the beginning of July, I did get a new job! And there was a lot that needed to get done so I can be prepped for the district. Now I'm coming up on trainings next week and in 2 weeks, my summer is basically over :(     (ugh!)
 So here is my currently and what else I'm up to...
listening-my husband hurt his elbow at work the other day and was in a lot of pain last night :( I figured I'd wake up early and take the dog out and stay quiet so he can get some extra sleep....poor guy!

loving-I get so excited for the TPT sales and always end up spending way too much! ;)

thinking- the one thing I am on the hunt for is some great first grade literacy centers that are consistent for each month of the year...if you know of any good ones..please let me know!!

wanting- I've been on the organizational kick since I was able to get into my classroom this week. I moved schools so I started this week with just seeing what was in the new classroom. Boy it was a lot of junk and I ended up throwing out 4 full trash bags! But it is coming along and next week I should be able to start moving the desks and really get set up

needing- my friend is coming tonight for dinner and I need to spruce up my house..I've been lacking in that department! ;)

Here is a sneak peak of the wall that will be behind my teacher desk in my room...I am going with a bee theme and it is not quite done yet (still need to put the kids' names and banner) but I'm excited for it!

That's all I've got for now! I'm off to start the day! Have a great weekend!! Head over to link up your blog!!