Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Assess Me Linky and Baby shower!

Hi sweet friends! So I thought it would be fun to link up with The Tatooed Teacher to do her get to know you linky. 
 Some comments...
yes, I admit, I do crack my knuckles, but they have never given me pain (knock on wood) or swelled up. It's a nervous thing I do I guess.

I am 7 months pregnant and ALWAYS hungry! haha..I went to visit my family for our baby shower this weekend and ate wayyy too much food! And I have a doc appt today so hopefully I didn't gain too much! 

I still do have my wisdom teeth. They have never bothered me and I guess will never come in. I am 28 years old so I think I have passed the time of getting them pulled.

I admit...I haven't showered yet today..but it's only 10:30am and I do plan on doing that before heading out to Target and the doc's.:)

I haven't been to Disney Land but I have been to Disney World twice. Once when I was 4 and once when I was 14. 

I grew up in Ohio and now live in North Carolina. I miss being close to family, but it's only a 7.5 hour car ride so at least it's a trip that can be made in a day..not too bad. 

And as I said before, we celebrated our upcoming little man this weekend with our baby shower. Here are some pics!
my mom did the cake, it was also swirled with blue inside. :)

and she did the diaper centerpieces.

me and my hubby

tables all decked out in blue
so much baby stuff!
We are so blessed for the wonderful weekend and all the neat things we got. I am actually washing little clothes as I type this. :) So excited to get everything together and take a breath before school starts back!

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  1. What an exciting time for you and your husband! Enjoy this time together as you get ready for your new baby. It looks like you were showered with lots of wonderful things! Congratulations!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade