Friday, July 3, 2015

July Currently

Yay for July!! There is so much going on this doctor visits for the baby go down to every two weeks, our baby shower is on July 26th and my 28th birthday is July 25th! I love this month! :) 
So I am linking up with Farley to share my we go! husband is a gamer freak! haha...his latest conquest has been playing Destiny. I don't get it half the time, but to each their own I guess!

Loving...I have a pregnancy app on my phone and check in every Friday when my week turns over and I was so anxious to check it out today as I am officially in the third trimester! It's going waayy too fast! haha

Thinking...So usually my husband works most Saturdays and of course never has Friday off but due to the holiday weekend, I get him all 3 days! It's nice to be able to sit around and relax together. :) week I am going to Lowes to pick up our color choice for the nursery. I experimented with a couple different samples, but we are going with a Valspar color called Green mist, which is a light minty green color. The nursery will be monkey themed and once I put the base paint on, I am planning on  free drawing a large tree with monkeys! Fingers crossed it comes out ok...I'll post pics when I'm done. ;) to the baby's room is our spare bedroom. Because I am moving schools next year, I have all my teaching supplies in the spare room plus we have some baby stuff so it is literally not accessible to even walk around in there right now! My goal is to take care of it all next week!

All Star...I would say I am a great listener. I love listening to others and offering my advice when needed. :)

Link up with Farley...I can't wait to read your currently! Have an enjoyable holiday weekend Friends!!


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  1. HI there! I wish I had a pregnancy app when I was pregnant 13 years ago! Enjoy your pregnancy!