Saturday, August 8, 2015

Some BTS Freebies!

So I'm trying to get ahead of the game (aren't we all!?) So I can start the year smoothly and then be ready for when baby Everett wants to make his appearance.
We have open house the day before school starts this year...normally it's on a Friday and then parents have the weekend to get ready, but this year, my school is doing it on a Sunday...not sure how I feel about that, but we'll see how it goes!

I decided it will be so easy to do stations and then make sure the parents hit every one and get what they need. :) I made some posters and back to school forms and wanted to share with you. Feel free to use! Click on the pics for your copies! {sorry the info is not editable!} Have a good weekend! I think we're out to look at some more baby stuff and maybe hit up Lowe's!


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