Monday, June 15, 2015

Kinder Teachers...I need your Suggestions!!

Hi friends!
So I hope you are enjoying your summer so really feels like I am the last one still in school! haha..tomorrow is finally our last day and today and tomorrow are half days so most teachers have been able to clean up their classrooms after the kids left and we are ready to be out right along with the kids once the bell rings! :)

So I am saying goodbye to my wonderful first grade team this year and headed to another school in the district teaching kindergarten again...which I am super excited about!! 

But I have one question for you kinder teachers and need your advice..I plan on really focusing on data next year and helping each of my kids grow as much as they can. I have been dabbling in TPT products and have a few on my wishlist, but have you purchased/made any products that have really helped your kids soar in reading or math? If so, please list them and comment back! I would love to hear what you have found! Thanks so much!!

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