Friday, June 5, 2015

Back in Kinder!!

Hey friends!
So it's been a long and tiring week, but I am excited to announce I got an email from my new principal that I will be back to teaching Kindergarten next year!! I love my firsties, but am so thrilled to be back in Kinder! :) 
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I will be transferring schools, but staying in the same district which is great with the baby coming because it won't change my salary or benefits. :) I am looking forward to creating things and blogging more over the summer!
We sill have 1 more week left, and then the last two days after next week are half days. I have already started to break down the classroom and take one box home a day.

Looking forward to these last few days with my kiddos before I say goodbye to them and the staff...if you are already out for the summer...well lucky you! ;) Enjoy it! 

I will blog more next time! Have a great weekend!

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