Sunday, May 31, 2015

Freebie Verb Scoot

Hi Friends!
First of all, let me start of by saying..if you are off school now, I am very jealous of you! :) We still have 12 more days! Would have been off June 12th, but here in NC we got a lot of snow in February and now it's extended to June 17th. :( Luckily though, those last two days are half days..and I know a lot of parents won't be bringing their students. (I know I wouldn't) so we'll be packing up that Friday and bring in board games/watching a movie those very last two days...

Anyway, I made this quick and simple verb scoot for my class this week. They were telling me they forgot what verbs were last week!! that cannot happen! So this is summer themed and hopefully will help to jump start their memory. They just have to read the sentences and record the verb. :) Hope you enjoy!

I'm off to grocery shop and grab something to eat...being pregnant, I can eat all day! But luckily at 22 weeks, I have only gained 12 pounds! :) Have a good week!

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