Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another Snow Day

Hey friends!
So we are going on our third snow day this week. I live in central NC and we didn't get a whole lot of snow by any means, but did get some icy rain on Monday night and many of our secondary roads are still icy and slick. Plus tomorrow, we are supposed to get record low temps so things will continue to refreeze over night. Ugh, I wouldn't mind it, but when kids are off, teachers are usually not and if we don't go in, we have to use a sick day or make up the time. I went ahead and took off the day today, but tomorrow I am going to trudge my way in and just get some organizing done.

On a different note, my pregnancy is going very well! I have felt very good, except for a few days last week I was a little nauseated and still getting on and off cramping (which I suppose is good because it means baby is growing!) I wanted to post a pic for you because we haven't shared with FB yet (and none of my friends follow my blog) so I wanted to share our news with someone! Hehe, we plan on making it FB official the week of St. Patrick's day so a few more weeks! 
I don't look like a whole lot yet, but I did take a 6 week pic and there is definitely some growth in my tummy! 

Ok, enjoy your evening. I am off to make some hamburgers and sweet potato fries! yum!

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