Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cuhrazy Busy Around Here!

Hello world! It's me again! Long time no see! :)
The past couple months have been a whirlwind! My parents came for Thanksgiving and that was wonderful because they have never come down to see us since we moved to NC. We took them to Charleston, SC because I wanted my mom to really experience "the south" and I just LOVE that city!

my lovely parents! :)

the hubby and I :)
Then December started out pretty good in the classroom and I thought, hey maybe we'll survive this year, but the second week rolled around, and the kiddos turned crazy! lol 
We did have our elf come visit after thanksgiving break and the kids named him Mittens. Here he was listening to the radio..
Each month, I do a family project and these month was disguising a gingerbread. The kids got to share their creations yesterday and I love that they can also work on speaking and listening. (they do so well with both making comments and asking questions about the projects as well!)

On the home front, I have been busy making cookies to give to my co-workers for their Christmas present. I have 2 more kinds I'd like to make, but it might just turn into 1 more kind with the time I have left! 
And last night, the hubby and I went out to eat and it was somewhat of a mild night, so we came home and made a fire. :) It was really nice! Then looked up to the sky and noticed a bunch of shooting stars! Turns out last night was the peak for the Geminids meteor shower! :) It was such a treat!

Now to savor the last day of the weekend before the last crazy week! There is SO much going on, believe it or not...I am GETTING A NEW STUDENT!! yes, 5 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS BREAK!! I am not super happy that admin did this to me, but I know both the class and I will welcome him with open arms. 

Hopefully we can all make it through these next 5 days! Enjoy this week with your kiddos, and just think...we're in the home stretch! :)

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