Monday, November 3, 2014

Currently November!

Yay! 2 posts in 1 week, I'm on a record! haha. This year has been so busy, that I wish I could post more, but I usually never have the time or energy. :/
Anyway, I always get excited for the Currently's and this month's is here we go!

Listening-wind...I guess it comes with the change in seasons, but it's been very windy these past few days.

Loving- I am big on Christmas and the magic that comes with the holidays. (I take after my mom!) I love that Thanksgiving is just weeks away and am excited to see the stores very slowly (and some quickly!) starting to decorate!

Thinking- we always have so much laundry, and by we (I mean my husband!) I HATE laundry and try to put it off, but I also hate seeing it on our bedroom floor, so I must be done! haha

Wanting- over the summer, I stopped at Michaels and found this beautiful paint by number Italy street scene. My family is Italian and I wanted to paint it and put it up in my dining room. It is just about finished, so I would like to complete it before my parents come down for Thanksgiving. I will post a pic when it's finished! ;)

Needing- life always gets in the way doesn't it....I want to focus on the good I have recieved so far and really take the time to self reflect this month. We only get one life to live! :)

Reading- is it bad I am reading 50 Shades for the second time! haha. I am just about finished with the last book. I cannot wait for the movie in February!!

Well, that's it for little old me. Head over to join the link up!


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