Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Week

Good Morning Friends!
My dog didn't get the time change memo this morning, so here I am with a big mug of coffee..catching up on the blog! lol
Last week was a great week. We did so many fun activities in honor of Halloween. Considering the students have been counting down and buzzing in their spots on the carpet each morning leading up to the big day, they were overall pretty good last week! I thought I would have to tame monkeys all week, but luckily my taming skills got to stay in the closet! ;)

On Thursday, we got a visit from Gus the Bus. He is a school bus safety character and tells the kids how to act (with the help of his little brother) on the bus! It was so cute! (A guy in a van parked inconspicuously behind the building did the narrating) So it looked like the buses were really "alive" as they talked!

In math, we added, compared and graphed M&Ms. :)

 In math, we visited centers on Thursday (we don't do centers in our math block anymore, so this was a treat)

We did a Halloween safety book. (click on pic for link) and I was excited to hand them their treat from me on Friday (thanks Ladybug's Teacher Files!)

And finally, even though we could not dress up in scarey costumes, the school as a whole celebrated over 250,000 reading minutes so far this year, so the kids got to dress up as super heroes on Friday. (a secret nod to Halloween without actually saying the word!) They loved it!

I don't know about you, but as much as I love October (with it being halloween and my wedding anniversary) I also am glad it is over and November has started. I am huge on the holidays and can't wait for the Christmas commercials and the magic of the season to start! 
Have a great week everyone!

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