Thursday, November 13, 2014

50th day of school Freebie!

Hi friends!
Just dropping by quickly to share with you a freebie I made for the kiddos tomorrow. We had our 50th day of school on Monday, and it was a wacky week having Veteran's day off on Tuesday, and this teacher forgot all about it. (I had lots of cute activities I wanted to do too!)
So I kept telling the kiddos I'd have something on their desk the following morning, and then kept forgetting to run to the store for a treat....Finally tonight, I decided to whip up some free homework passes and will have this ready to go tomorrow! Who doesn't love a night off of homework! ;)

 Click on the pic for your freebie!

Tomorrow night I am headed to the beach for the weekend to celebrate the hubby's accomplishments at his work and I don't know why the CEO always has these ceremonies in the fall, but even though it will be freezing...I'll take it! :D

Have a great weekend!! (and quick Friday at school!)

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