Friday, June 13, 2014


hey friends! 

Today is my first official day off. We ended our year on Tuesday and that was such a busy day. The kids got to play games they brought in all day, we watched Shark Tale and also played with shaving cream. They kept saying what a fun day it was! :) I was sad to see them go, but proud of how much they've grown. 
Then we went through a PD day Wednesday and yesterday, I cleaned my classroom and this was the first year I did not bring anything home for the summer! haha. Every summer for the past 3 years I have changed schools and this year (so far, I'm staying in the same school) Now I say that with some apprehension because I also had an interview yesterday with another charter school that is closer to my house. This would be a K-1 looping job with 24 kiddos and an assistant. Right now, I will have 23 kids next year and no help, plus my commute would be 40 min. :/ So I've been looking around at other opportunities and keeping my fingers crossed something a little better might pan out. 

So today, it's only 12:25 and I'm pretty bored. haha! I am going to go clean out my messy car though, write a shopping list for this week and catch up on starting to read this new jem!
Product Details
I'm pretty excited because I've never implemented the system before, but would like to try it next year. 

So if you are already out, I hope your summer is going well for you and if you are still in school, I hope the end of the year goes quickly. :) I'll be back for more posts later!

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