Saturday, June 21, 2014

Clip Chart Freebie

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday...the only reason I know that is because my husband is home. ;) I love how in summer, the days just blend together..and that is ok. :D
So I've been making a lot of homemade ice cream. For our wedding last year, we got the Kitchen Aid ice cream bowl attachment and I just love it!
 So I started off with a mango flavor, but that didn't turn out so well. :/ Then last week I did this little concoction..if any of you are familiar with Superman ice cream...(it is amazing), that what it was supposed to be. Superman flavor is hard to explain, it does have a hint of pistachio I suppose and that was in it, but other than that, it's hard to describe what else..needless to say, I love it..however, as pretty as this recipe looked, I just didn't like it..and my husband hated it. Oh well, another recipe.
Protein Packed Superman Ice Cream

But third time's the charm right?! This week I made strawberry, a classic. ;) It was pretty good! Yay..we have a winner. haha

Other news I wanted to share, is we did get our puppy!! She's pretty cute, she sleeps a lot, but does have puppy energy when we take her out and is already crate trained and we are working on the house-breaking. :) Her name is Lola!

And finally, I have a freebie I'd like to share...I'm doing a rainbow/chalkboard theme for next year and just created this behavior clip chart. It's simple, but sometimes that's the best right? 

Last thing, if you've been thinking about me...thank you! I got a text from my Dean on Thursday saying my principal got a call for a reference from that school I applied to! :) I haven't heard anything back, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sometime next week hopefully!
Well I have a friend coming over tonight to check out the new house and Lola..we're going to grill out and I made a Key Lime pie for dessert...(one of my favorite summer desserts!) 

Have a wonderful Saturday night!


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