Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting Organized!

Hey Friends! So before I go on further, this is an un-educational organize post, but still a good read, I promise! ;)

So yesterday, I made my little trip to the "girly doctor." I hate going and am so glad it is once a year that we have to go...but my agenda this time, besides "the exam" was to talk about baby planning. :) My husband and I would like to start trying in the fall and I want to get prepared. Well, I did all the routine tests, but when they took my blood pressure, it was very high. (140/100 when normal is 120/80). Note, I am only 26 and normal weight. (138 and 5'4") I was a little concerned, as was the doctor. My mom has hypertension, and it runs in my family, but he said I was too young for this to be showing up. :( So I think some of it is contributed to stress...we've gone through a lot of changes this month with the new house, a puppy and all of my husband's family is coming to stay for the holiday weekend. So long story short, he recommended I try some stress calming activities and enjoy the summer as much as I can. 

With that being said, I started to look into life planners. I know we all have teacher planners and I love mine, but I don't have one for my home and day to day activities. My husband and I are working on budgeting our finances together and I think this will really help to see the big picture each month. 

I didn't want to buy one yet (even though there are lots of neat ones out there) but I did find an amazing link to a life planner free printables! 


She has pages for everything under the sun and I can't wait to go out today and grab a binder to put it all together in. :) Hopefully this will help on cutting down some of that stress life tends to hand you! That's all for now..have a great day!


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  1. Oh my goodness gracious...I have been wondering why I love reading your posts...every time I go through my feed...I always make sure to read your posts...and no offence...but I couldn't figure out why...at first I just thought it was your circus blog...because my classroom theme is a circus....and then I thought it was because you were moving classrooms/looking for a new job...but now I know!!!
    You and are at the same place in life..I'm also 26 and baby planning for this fall...only I haven't shared it with my fam...
    Anywhoo...I've decided this is why I pick to read your posts first over others and wanted to share!
    Good luck with all your future plans and changes!