Sunday, May 4, 2014

What We've been Up to!

Hello friends!
So are you in summer mode yet!? We have 5 weeks to go and this week, we have testing and will test through next week. Ugh, I hate testing and the poor kiddos get so tired, but I plan to fit in as many fun brain break and activities as I can.

So last week was a busy one. We are getting ready for Muffins for Mom this Wednesday afternoon and made gifts for them.

We had indoor recess due to storms on Monday, so we did some yoga!

And in math, we have been reviewing partners of ten so we did a memory game with a partner...

And a firefly game, dumping out fireflies into our jars and creating number sentences. The activity where I found it is below!

The last thing I wanted to share is an autograph book. As a team, we are doing ABC countdown to summer and it kicks off tomorrow with A-Autograph Day! I plan on having the kids get signatures at the end of the day. I created this cover and am just going to staple some pages together for them to sign. Easy peasy! Click the pic to grab a copy!

I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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