Saturday, May 10, 2014

Five for Saturday (and a freebie!)

Hello Bloggy Friends! 
This week went so fast and we were so busy, but I was able to catch some pictures and wanted to link up with Doodlebugs for..
So here we go...

It was my husband's 28th birthday on Monday. We didn't do a whole lot because we are closing on our house next week (eek!) and wanted to save this year. I did make him this lovely strawberry custard cake though, his favorite! :)
We had teacher appreciation week this whole week. It was our first year since our school just opened last fall and boy did the parents go all out! It was an absolutely wonderful week, each day we had suprises and I felt very blessed!

My team started the ABC countdown to the last day of school. For A we did autograph day and the kids got to sign each others books. (it was also crazy sock day for teacher appreciation week!)
For B and C, we did bubbles and If you give a Mouse a Cookie
And on Wednesday, we celebrated our lovely moms with muffins (or cookies in my case!) for moms. The turnout was wonderful! We sang two songs, they made a hand print craft for her and I interview them about their mom and wrote down their candid responses. The mom's LOVED it! :)

Next week is going to be SO busy! I will only be teaching Monday and Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday, we have kinder screening all day and Thursday we are closing on our house!!! 

Today will be a day of organizing and starting to pack. I am so ready to have a house and be done with the apartment time in our lives. :) 

The last thing I wanted to share are these tags I am making for my team. I am putting together some Smarties candy and highlighters/markers for their gift at the end of the year. (will have pic of it put together once I go to the store) But if you would maybe like to do the same, they are all yours. :)
Have a great weekend everyone!

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