Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fact cards and a New House!!

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! I don't know about you, but this felt like the longest week ever. The days literally jumbled together for me. So glad it's the weekend and I can catch up with everyone AND relax! :)

So I wanted to let you know of a new product I have up in my store. I have a lot of kiddos that get done with workshops early and I have early finisher activities for them to do, but since we are working our way closer to 1st grade, I also want to make sure they are fluent in their addition and subtraction facts. I created this set and all you need to do is print, put them on a ring and have fun! I made 3 for me to use in small group time and 2 for early finishers to flash to their partners. :) 
(click on the pictures to go to my TPT store)

I also print each fact set on different colored card stock. :)
The possibilities for this set are endless, so head over to my store to purchase it! :)
The other wonderful news I wanted to share with you is that our offer was accepted on a house! If you follow my posts, you know we've been actively looking for about 3 months now, and I know that's not a long time by any means, it definitely felt like one with house and house that we liked getting multiple offers and then our offer not being high enough. 
This house seems to be the one! We looked at it and put in a bid right away and they accepted a few days later. So we are in the inspection process and our closing date is set for mid-May. I am really excited! It was built in 2007 so a fairly new house. I like it because it's move in ready (including new carpet) and my husband likes it because the 2nd floor in unfinished and it's going to be his litter project over the next year or so! :) Can't wait to move in and be first time homeowners! 
front of the house..sits on 1 acre
back...HUGE deck! :)
open concept living and dining room
nice big kitchen...LOVE!

tub in master bdroom..can't wait to soak in it!   



  1. Congratulations! Oh the possibilities of a new home how exciting!

  2. Coolness. It's gonna be quite a new adventure from then on, I'd bet. Being in a new house and staying there, building new roots with which to grow lives and experiences is a wonderful experience to have. Hope you find yourselves with a really great buy that will not only provide good living, but great neighbors and community as well. Kudos and good luck.

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