Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Peek at our Week

Hey Friends! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. It is a cold, and rainy day here. Yesterday was beautiful in the 70's and now they are expecting snow on Tuesday...crazy weather!
So we were pretty busy this week especially with introducing place value and base ten. (PS. if you have any ideas of getting the kids to grasp the concept let me know!)
We celebrated St. Patrick's day with some Lucky Charms graphing!

We listened to one of our friends share his book he made.

We started off our unit on place value by reviewing ten frames and using play dough!

We transferred our knowledge to tens and ones and used popsicle sticks and kix for ones. We'll be continuing this skill again next week because some kiddos haven't quite grasped it yet.

This upcoming week will be a stressful one for me. I'm going through 3 observations!! All back to back...on Tuesday (if we have school) we are having head honchos from Michigan coming to observe all the classrooms and give feedback. Then on Wednesday my mentor is coming to watch me teach small group math and on Thursday I have my first formal observation by my principal. (eek!) Wish me luck this week, I'll need it!

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