Monday, January 20, 2014

Addition and House Hunting

hey friends!
I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, and if you had to work, I hope it was a fun day for you!

We have been busy in math working on addition and subtraction. I don't have a smart board (really really wish I did) so I have been creating powerpoints with problems and having the kids solve them on their white boards. Then I call a student up to write the equation. Simple but they seem to like it. :)

The other thing we did was read an animal book about adding then created our own addition stories with matching pictures. They really liked this!

This upcoming week, we have MAP testing, which is a computer based assessment. It's good for me because I didn't have to plan centers and they get a break this week! :)

On a non-educational note, my husband and I went out this weekend to look at houses and we put a bid in on one! I am so excited and really really hope we get this one. It's just enough space for us right now, in the country, and also on just under an acre. (I would like to get into gardening!)
Here's a pic of the of my favorites!!
And another of the huge bathroom...I can't wait to (hopefully be soaking in that tub!!)
So wish us good thoughts friends! And keep your fingers crossed! I'll update you when I hear more info! 

Have a great night and fun week!



  1. It looks good, but just a friendly reminder: do not fall for the first house you see instantly. Try to schedule visits to other houses as well, just to have something to compare it with. And be sure you have all the necessary areas in the house checked before purchasing it, like the pipelines and the electrical works.

    Lenny Higgins

  2. It’s a cute house, Sarah! Love at first sight really happens when it comes to house hunting, yet I agree with Lenny. You should still schedule visits with other houses and see what else they might have in store for you. If you’re really decided to get this one, I hope you’ll have the final papers as soon as possible. God luck! :)

    Leslie Myers

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