Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Couple Freebies today...

Hello and Happy Sunday! It's been a very sunny, yet cold weekend here, but the temperature is supposed to pick up a little tomorrow so that makes me happy. :)
I had my mid-year evaluation with my dean last week and we talked about some things that need to be worked on. One thing I am having trouble with (and maybe you can help) is the noise level in class. Especially during workshops, the kids are pretty noisy and I am working on ways to create a calmer environment. 
One thing I am going to start, is to elect a workshop "police" each week. This person's job will be to make sure everyone in their group stays on task and works quietly at a whisper voice. At the end of workshops, I will choose 1 group to get extra points on class dojo. With this new procedure, I created little tags that the group leaders will wear. Feel free to grab a copy! :)

Another thing I worked on yesterday was reading comprehension cards. I try to read at leas 2 books a day to them and I would like to start asking questions about the text when we are done. I made some cards to put in a bucket and I will call up 2-3 students each time I read to help answer the questions when we are done. Feel free to grab these too! :) 

And finally, we find out tomorrow if our bid on the house is accepted. We did have to increase because there were multiple bids, but as of Friday we were the highest bids. Keep your fingers crossed for us and I will let you know what happens! Have an awesome week! :)


  1. Good luck with your house! A very exciting time. Maria

  2. I don't know if you use Heidisongs or not but she has a great song for parts of a story. It is on her language arts cd. I believe she recently did a blog post about it. (Jan. 17, 2014-Fun and easy reading comprehension games) I really recommend all her cds. I teach 4 year olds and they love all her songs.