Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Letter pages and a Snow Day!

Hi friends!
I think many of you can agree, this has been one of the worst winters ever! Freezing cold temps and snow, even in the south! I'm in NC and we got about 1-2 inches last night. We had an early dismissal and then my principal called off no school for today, last night. My husband is out of town until tonight so I got the house to was a wine and pizza night! :)
While I relaxed, I also created a letter formation pack. I plan on laminating these sheets and using them as a center for our reading workshops. I have this little gem on sale now in my TPT store, but I have also included the A page as a freebie for ya!
 Yesterday, I bought velcro strips and put their names on them, then placed them on the carpet. I have been having a tough time with wiggles and students not paying attention. I think I might have mentioned the school bought us one of the oval carpets at the beginning of the year, but it just doesn't cut it for 22 littles. So I rolled it up for now and just am using the strips. It works out well because each person now has a buddy to turn and talk to and there is space in the aisle. Here's a pic..

And finally, I have some bad news....our bid on the house didn't go through. We were one of multiple bidders and it was a foreclosure, and unfortunately, someone bid above asking price. My husband said he has no regrets because the number we went in on was pretty fair and he would not have gone over asking price for this particular house. (wasn't really worth it) So it's back to the drawing board again. We'll find a house eventually...just really liked this one, but I'm sure I can fall in love with another one too. Keep thinking of us friends! 
If you have no school today, enjoy your day off! Stay warm!


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