Thursday, May 30, 2013

End of year freebies Day 7!!

Hey guys! How was your Thursday? Oh was thinking that the kids haven't been too bad this week, but then today, of course they must have been thinking "let's not get Ms. C's hopes up too much" and they were pretty awful. lol. I'm used to it by now though, I'm done and I know they're done so we're just trying to survive this last week and a half..and hey..tomorrow's Friday so I guess I can deal with some unpleasant behavior. ;)

Today, we have 7 more days left and so here is my freebie #7!
It is an addition/subtraction through 20 scoot game. :) Included are 28 cards and a recording sheet. I plan to play this with the kids next week! Well, that's all for today...the future hubby just got home so I'm gonna go cook some dinner! :)

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