Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Freebie Day 3!

Hey everyone! Happy Hump day! Half way through the week and a week and a half until I'm done! :) Lucky you if summer has already started for you! I'm back with Freebie #3 for the countdown!

Next year, I am excited to do my brand new room in a candy land theme! I started creating these job cards for the room. :) Click on them if you'd like a copy! ;)

Also, I got my trip itinerary for the new school! At the end of July, they are flying everyone up to Michigan for a week long professional development seminar. So excited to explore a little of the city and meet other teachers. Still don't have word on what grade level I'll be teaching, but I'll keep ya posted! ;) Off to finish up some school work! Have a good evening!


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