Saturday, June 1, 2013

Giveaway Freebie Day 6!

Hey everyone! I'm a day late posting this, but yesterday after school we left to make a quick drive up to Ohio. The future Mr had to do some work for family friends today and I thought I'd tag along to see my mom and get some wedding stuff done. :) We didn't get in until 1am last night. Man, I forget how long the drive is from NC. 
Anyway, SO glad it's the weekend and next week is our last week of school! The kids have a half day on Friday so we technically only have 4.5 days left, but I'm a little behind on my freebies! I'll try to catch up Monday. ;) So here we go!

This is a little generic game that focuses on the skill of rhyming. Kids must read the two words on the card, and determine if they rhyme or not, then sort them under the appropriate heading. Hope you like it! Now off to do some shopping with my mom! :) Have a great Saturday!

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