Thursday, January 31, 2013

Still Doing MLK and a 100th day Freebie

Hey everyone! Welp, I know MLK jr day has been long over, but in our grade level, we are incoporating Black History Month next month and making a couple weeks long project. We will be focusing on MLK, Ruby Bridges, and Rosa Parks. The kids have been learning using laptops in groups and doing some research. We broke the parts up so each person has a job each day. Here's some pics so far...
in their groups...hard at work :)

necklaces they wore while working
presenting the info of the day :)

On another note, tomorrow is our 100th day! Wahoo, and it's Friday! Double wahoo! :) I will be taking more pics, but here's what I'm giving the kiddos as a treat (and we'll be eating some graham crackers and watching a movie)
I have a copy for you in case you want to snag it, our put it in your files for next year. :) Now I'm off to finish up some school stuff and have some dinner, then work out. :D

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