Friday, February 1, 2013

100th Day Fun!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Yaaayyy! haha, what a week. So glad it's over. Today was our 100th day of school and we had a really fun time. It's days like today that I love teaching. I hate when the political things get in the way like they have been lately, but...I digress. Here is some pics of our day!
all the cuties with their crowns

I cut these out after school yesterday and spruced up our door (supposed to be balloons, but the didn't show up well)
she was so embarrassed to get her pic taken, but I just love this pic!
 I got the worksheets from Mrs. Mitchell's first grade 100 pack. It's really cute! Check it out :)
Aaanndd...the last thing I wanted to share was we created a 100 day dollar class book...yep, it's all over the internet, but I made a cover to go along with the book and you can grab it if you want! Okie doke, have a great night! :) I'm out to dinner

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