Saturday, January 26, 2013

February Morning Work

Good morning sweet friends! It is 8:30 on a saturday morning, and I cannot believe I'm up already, but I went to bed last night around 11 and then the future Mr. had work today, so when he got up, I couldn't really go back to sleep. That's ok though, because I like to work when it's so nice and calm in the house and sip my hazelnut coffee. :)

So today, I wanted to do a post on my first attempt at morning work. February is just around the corner and there are soo many cute ideas and worksheets out there. I will probably end up pulling from a bunch of resources throughout the month, but I wanted to make some morning worksheets just to see how I would like them. (and I didn't have anything to do last night while the guys were playing video So this packet it up now at my TN store! It's only got 15 pages because I like to alternate paper pencil work with making words since our print copies are so limited (grr). So go check it out! I will also choose 2 random people to score a free copy! Just comment with your email and I'll pick the winners tomorrow morning! Thanks friends! Have a great Saturday! :)


  1. Hazelnut coffee - YUM!!!
    Growing Firsties

  2. Sounds like a nice, relaxing morning. Your morning work looks cute.

    Compassionate Teacher

  3. Hi Sarah! I just added morning work to our routine- these would sure help.

  4. Good Morning Sunshine! I was up at the crack of dawn...not sure why? Your morning work looks great!

    I'm going back to bed for a short nap! lol

  5. oops...I forgot my email.... just in case. :-)

  6. i'm trying to get my students used to morning work. some days are more successful than others.