Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Post of Love and a Write the Room Freebie!

Happy Sunday! So the winners of my Valentine Morning work packet are...
Congrats to you! Hope you love it!

Speaking of love, I'm linking up with Tales from Outside the Classroom for her love party :)

The Love of my Life
As many of you know, I am getting married in October of this year. I've been with my fiance for over 6 years and our engagement will have lasted 21 mos before the big day, so you can imagine I am so ready for this new chapter!

Our New Addition
Last week, I shared a post of our new kitty cat. Her name is Stella and she is one of the most loving (and energetic) cats I've ever seen. She's 5 months and so adorable. We love her!

My mom and sister
I must talk to my mom at least 4 times a week and hour each time :)

my sister makes me laugh, when together, we're always goofing off :D
My love for clothes
Living in the south, we have so many Ross stores around and I've never seen them in Ohio. I have to say I am obsessed with Ross. I actually get scared walking into the store because I know I am going to end up practically depleting me wallet! lol. Can't wait to shop for honeymoon clothes ;)

I get it from my mom, but I love to bake and my pinterest and food gawker boards are filled to the brim with recipes and ideas! I made these last weekend. Chocolate cupcakes with mocha frosting. My future sis in law said they were the best ever. 

Charleston, SC
It might seem weird to be in love with a city, but I am! I so wish I could live there and I would go 4 times a year if we could. I must say, only being 4 hours away is such a plus of where we're living now. Such a wonderful, beautiful city!

And finally, as far as Valentine's stuff...I've been posting for the last few days with a couple goodies, just look below. And here is ANOTHER freebie I'd like to share with ya!! :)
  Ok that's it! Sorry for the long post! I hope you enjoyed reading :)


  1. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Those cupcakes look and sound delicious! I am a baker and a recipe pinning addict. I have found some of the best recipes from Pinterest.

    Compassionate Teacher

  3. Your blog is really cute! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I just got married myself this past summer.
    Literacy Spark

  4. Cute pic! :)

    The cupcakes---FABULOUS! :) LOVE pinterest--lots of junk food ideas which are MY FAVORITE! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous