Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mad Science Night

Hey friends! I just want to thank all those that left comments and words of encouragement on my post last night. It really made my day and lifted my spirits! I am vowing to not let the other teachers get me down and just focusing on myself and my kids. I hope my principal sees what fun we have, even if we're not doing the exact same activities to go with each topic as the other classes. I'm thinking as long as I can explain the meaning and how it ties to the standards, we'll be good! I'm just shocked that these women don't want to have fun with their classes. 

On a lighter note, our school had Mad Science Night on Tuesday and each grade level had a "scientist" come in to the classroom to teach the children some cool experiments. Here's some pics..

I love the expression on that little kiddo's face :)

The were excited to "dig" for gold!
And the best part of this week...tomorrow is Friday! Whoo hoo! And we're having a fun apple taste test then graphing our results. :) I can't wait! On to relax for the evening and watch bride shows tonight! ;) I just LOVE Four Weddings! :D


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