Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A little Discouraged

I don't mean to have a pity party by any means tonight...but this clip art kinda describes how I feel right now...
 I absolutely love first grade, but this year is proving to be so difficult and half the time, I feel like I am just treading water everyday to get by. I am going to try to choose my words carefully, but I am just not happy teaching right now....Our district has these ridiculous math textbooks we use called Trailblazers...if anyone else uses them, let me know your feelings because I straight up hate it. The lessons are so boring and above the children and I know they want them to think analytically, but at this early in the year...come on' they need some fun! Then my grade level is not really getting along. We're kinda split down the middle, even on the playground, we stand away from each other. And I get the feeling, when we turn in our lessons plans and I see what they have us doing for reading and LA that they don't want to have any fun or even try to search for fun ways to enhance the topics. I have just about given up with their plans and every week, I search for my own activities (a lot from you awesome people!) to add to the lessons to make them more "first grade friendly." But that's just one topic and like I said, I don't want to go on and on. I'm just feeling a little down about teaching right now, but I am won't give up.



  1. Oh Sarah I'm so sorry :( We were on an island for years with teachers who were stuck in their ways, doing the same old boring lessons. We started blogging in March and have been completely rejuvenated. We see that there are 100s of fabulous teachers out there who inspire us. You've got to carve your own path and stick to what you believe in. It's ok to go outside the box sometimes. It is YOUR class. You are the Big Cheese. You know what you do is good and inspires children. Follow your heart. Most of all, hang in there and know you are making a difference in these lil kiddos lives.

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. I have been there and it feels ick. I hope sending you some good thoughts will help. I do know that putting in the fun will make a difference to your teaching.
    Keep it up! I don't know why we changed that concept. The kids love to make and create.

    Second Grade

  3. It's good that you are venting! You've got to get it out! It will make you feel better. I hope this funk passes soon and you find a happy balance that works for you and your students. In the mean time, we're rootin' for you! This too shall pass (i know....easy for me to say!).

    Teaching with Moxie

  4. I'm so sorry you have to work in such a negative environment. Just focus on your interesting, fun and engaging lessons and leave them in their classrooms. Do what is best for your students and yourself, and try not to worry about them. Easier said than done, I know. :) Hang in there and don't let them hold you back! Good luck!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  5. Sorry to hear this. I totally understand and know how this can drag you down. Just do what's best for you and your kids and focus on that. Your enthusiasm and love of learning will go miles for them, I'm sure of it : )

    Good luck : )
    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  6. Every year, my school gets a little bit better. The negative teachers that are "stuck in their ways" haven't been sticking around with all the positive teachers my principal has been hiring. Give your students what they need. You know them best!! Keep your head up! The kids pick up on your moods! :)

    Miss R's Room