Saturday, September 15, 2012

Curious About Centers

I'm having some trouble trying to implement "cute" centers into my literacy block. Here's the scoop...I have 7 groups of 3-4 kids in each group. We have rotate through 3 centers a day and each rotation lasts 25 min. If I wanted to do those really cute centers that are always seen on TPT and things you all have created, would I have to print enough sets for each child in that center? (that's a lot of ink and lamination) Or do you somehow have your students work on those together? My only concern with that is they would get done in 2min and then what do we do? So Help me out! please....tell me how you organize your centers.

Also I have a question for you. We just took our first math test and 2 questions covered tens frames. They were to look at the tens frame and develop a number sentence from it. For example...
This was the only way my co-teacher and I saw it and the way we were teaching the students. It is always the number on top plus the number on bottom. Is that the way you teach it? Other teachers in our grade were saying the students could have grouped the markers any way such as 6+2. Or even 9+1....My co-teacher and I did not see it that way and disagreed. Can you tell me if our way is the right way..or at least the way you've seen it taught?

Thanks! Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. When it comes to working on tens frames, our curriculum has the students look for as many ways as they can to make the total number. This way they realize that 8 is not only made by 5 and 3. We try to teach the students to "look fast" and however they first see the dots is okay. We also allow the more advanced students to notice that the problem can also be viewed as subtraction. The one in your sample picture could be 10-2=8 or 10-8=2. Our curriculum is all about investigating numbers, so it may be different for different programs taught. Hope that helps!