Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spelling?! Y-E-S

Hi Friends! Well I am so glad to have the house to myself today! I have been working on adding to our lesson plans this week and typing up some running records. This week in science, we are continuing our discussion about healthy foods. On wednesday we'll be doing some apple life cycle sequencing and friday, we're having an apple taste test! So excited! And then in math, we'll be keeping up with basic addition.

Being in first grade, I think phonics and spelling are so essential, but unfortunately it's not in our curriculum! Do you have weekly spelling tests? My co-teacher and I had talked last week about adding our own spelling test on sight words weekly.
It's going above and beyond the requirements and although it will not count as an actual grade, I'd really like to see how well the children remember how to spell and use their phonemic awareness skills. Hopefully this will be a success. I'll update you on our progress with it in the coming weeks. I hope everyone has a great week!


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