Saturday, August 11, 2012

Writer's Workshop and bathroom passes

Good Morning and Happy Saturday! The days are still jumbled for me! lol. Only 1.5 more weeks until school. Yikes so much left to do!  We have a block in our schedule deovted to writer's workshop as I'm sure many others of you do too. I've started looking into what I can do for that. I'd like to utilize the clothing pin charts to see where my students are in the writing process and I have a freebie I wanted to share with you. I know there are lots of these floating around out there, but it never hurts to have a variety to choose from right? So here's mine. Click on the pic for your free copy!
 Also, Gosh...I wanted to show these for a Monday made it linky, but I never got around to finishing them until yesterday and I don't even know if Monday Made it is going on anymore, so here they are anyway. Bathroom passes. What do ya think?!


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  1. I love the writing process posters!! That will really help students learn about each step of the process. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure