Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School Sale and a Freebie!

It's crazy that some of you have already been back in session for two weeks! Bless you! I'm about ready to explode with chaos and worry about getting my classroom and materials in order by open house August 20th. Ahh! At least we have those TPT and TN store sales to now celebrate! I myself will be going on a little buying binge. ;D So here's my sale, click on the pic. (Since TN is not running a promotion code, all of my products are just straight 25% off) Hope you find some goodies!!

Also, here is a freebie to use during your guided reading block. I've seen these star cards all over and had to make some of my own. The wording is simpler than I have seen to be appropriate for my first graders. Hope you like them.


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