Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Latest Education Run

Hello Everyone! Well I relaxed last night and this morning got up early to get my hair trimmed and go an a little adventure to Greensboro. My destination....Apple Teacher store! Here's what I picked up..
We have 2 notebooks the children use. One for writing and the other for math stuff. I thought why not have them cut and paste a daily prompt and we'll talk and write about it. Then I was thinking I could use the word cards for a center. And I can't wait to look through that reading/writing book since those subjects are so important. 

I'm not sure if I talked about this yesterday, but my kiddos concern me a bit. I have 15 that I'm responsible for and the class as a whole seems sooo low. Even as I was at the store today, I was looking at first grade stuff and thinking there is no way my kids could do that. This year is going to prove to me a lot of hard work. I hope once we get into the meat of teaching, that I see little light bulbs going off.

Since it's nice and quiet this afternoon, I'm going to work on my guided reading groups. I've got 4 right now. 1 group of 2 kids who are extremely low, 2 groups of low kids and 1 group of high. Our school pulls from a bunch of curriculum programs, but we tend to focus a lot on Jan Richardson's Next Step in Guided reading. I hope your Saturday is going well!


  1. Jan Richardson visits our school several times every year. Her methods really do work. If you haven't already, download and put together her flip chart. It can sometimes keep you from doing a long search for something through the book! :)

  2. Greensboro is where I went to undergrad and lived for 11 years.
    Good luck in your new town & classroom.