Friday, August 24, 2012

Any Suggestions Appreciated

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 Next week, we are focusing on reviewing kindergarten standards and numbers. We are doing a unit on counting one day and playing a scavenger hunt of counting objects in the classroom. Here is a simple worksheet if you'd like to do that as well.'s where I need your help and any and all comments will be greatly appreciated. We have a large class..well larger than the other first grade classes and although most children are on the same level, we do have quite a few that are early finishers, when that happens, we direct them to choose a book from the cart. It seems they are starting to abuse that and taking a book, flipping through it super fast and they're back at the cart again. What else can I do for those early finishers that would not be a worksheet? What do you do?

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  1. I use book boxes. They have 5 or so books in their book boxes, along with writing notebooks and a student white board. You could also have any unfinished work in the book box too. If they finish early, they go get their book boxes, then they don't have to keep getting up and down. Early in the year I train them to know that once they have that book box, they do not need to keep getting up. I have them fill book boxes in the morning as they come in. They make sure they have at least 5 books in their book boxes. You may even want to put a couple in that you choose too (after school I go and drop books in some book boxes). You can get them at IKEA for super cheap.

    Also, have another lesson about choosing a good fit book. If they have a good fit book, they wouldn't be flying through so fast. I hope this helps. I've had this dilemma too! I'm definitely not an expert, but it's worked for me better than other things I've tried. I struggle with early finishers that are always finishing early. I've also put prompts on the board for early finishers (write about our activity, draw a picture of..., make a list of...practice word wall words on your white board, etc.)
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