Monday, August 27, 2012

It's Only Monday and I'm Tired..

Hey everyone! How did your weekend go? I managed to only jump on the computer a few times this weekend and fell into bed before midnight on friday and sat. (not happy about that because I wanted to drag the nights on) I finally did have to spend a few hours revamping the lessons for this week, but now I can relax. I found another cool link up from Blog Hoppin and I am sharing my favorite back to school books..
The Night Before First Grade
I've seen this one on a lot of people's blog. It's a great one! The author Natasha Wing has a whole series of the night before's...I'd like to collect them all!


First Day Jitters
I love that everyone thinks this story is about a nervous student, but it's actually the teacher! Kids love it!

3)  Chrysanthemum

What can I say?...A classic!

4) If You Take a Mouse to School

I just love this one! :)

So that's just some of them. I'm dead tired but now it's off to plan my grocery list for this week. yay! haha


  1. Love all those books!
    Hopefully the rest of the week goes well and you can catch up on some sleep!

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    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  2. Me too!! I felt like a zombie by the end of the day! ... We used both First Day Jitters and Chrysanthemum on the first day. Even in 5th grade, they're great books. We made jitter juice, too. Kids are kids no matter how old! :)

    Have a great week!!

    Miss R's Room