Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling Kinda Down

Today was a tough day. We went back for a morning meeting and then got to work in the classroom all day. My room was a mess, but luckily my co-teacher and I are getting it together. I am just a little disappointed because of a few things. Our school is at full capacity this year which is awesome, but people have no room in their rooms for all the extra furniture they don't need. Unfortunately we have 4 yes, 4 large round tables that we absolute have no room for. We've got 32 children and have to fit them all into one room. The other first grade teachers only have 19 because we're the only co-teaching room in the school. So we tried putting them outside near our room (the area does have an overhang and I thought we could use a tarp over them) but the janitor said no we would need to bring them back in before we left. :( So he ended up putting them near my guided reading/desk area and now I have 3 less spaces for chairs. Plus, he stacked them on top of one another, so that has to be a hazard right. Ugh, and open house is on monday and we just don't know what to do. My co-teacher agreed if we have to drag them outside then drag them back inside at the end of the days, we'll resort to that. It's super frustrating. 

Also, my grade level team doesn't seem very nice. I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but my co-teacher and I both felt a weird vibe coming from the other teachers. They ignored us throughout the meeting and only talked to each other when we we're supposed to meet for planning time. :( I guess the other first grade teacher who was not here today already told my co-teacher the others can be a little standoffish. I'm so upset because I don't what to start off the year on the wrong foot, even when we haven't done anything wrong. Oh friends, just not a good day. 

To end, I see another blogger created a linky party sharing the TPT finds from the sale. I had wanted to do that and tried a few posts back, but no one linked up. :( I know I know it's not a big deal, but sometimes it just gets me a little frustrated. I would like to have a successful linky day...

Well that's all for now. I'm sorry for being so whiny but I am so emotionally exhausted and the year doesn't start till next wednesday and I'm kind of already dreading it. Not the children, just the unknowns..I don't feel ready at all. Oh well....


  1. Sarah,
    It's hard to stay positive when things go as they did for you today. I could have been the author of this same blog post! I love your blog and all that you have shared here! Keep in mind, you are reaching people and inspiring them with your creativity and experience. Sometimes people read and don't link or comment and that's OK too. These are the things I keep telling myself as a newbie! :) I am following you by email now, so next time you want to have a linky, I'm in!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. Call me Girl if you need to vent, I have been there/still am there in a lot of the situations you have described!