Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let The Craziness Begin!

Hey Friends! So today starts the first day of meetings for the rest of the week and also the first day of craziness. I've been on the computer every night, for most of the night blogging for ideas, pinning and creating. I keep apologizing to my poor fiance and telling him once school settles in, I'll be better. (I hope! haha) My only fear right now is we're not going to get the room ready in time for open house so pray for me! There's so much to do and so little time!

As I've been creating like crazy, I have a new item to share with you. I wanted to upload it to my TN store, but the store is being super finicky and when I try to upload images, it freezes my lucky for you, this will be a free file available via google docs! It's a set of reading posters to hang in your room. The completed project looks like this...
it is kinda long, so you may need to hang it high
Click on the pic to take you to the item.
 Also, here is what my poor dining area is now looking like because of school :/
And finally, look at this snazzy little tape dispenser I found at Walmart! I love it!! :)


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