Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breathe in Breathe Out

Hey friends! Whew! Today was a long and tiring day. We started out in meetings all morning until 3 and then most everyone went home but my co-teacher and I went back to our room to work on it. It's still a mess but coming together and I hope to have pics up by Sunday night. There are still round tables by my desk that are causing a hazard but you know what we plan on doing....getting out the drill and taking them babies apart. They have to be stored somewhere in our room, but they don't have to be set up so that's going to be our temporary solution.
I am feeling so overwhelmed with planning. Luckily the teachers have the first two weeks planned for literacy, but math is still a little sketchy and we need to plan exactly what we're going to do for centers.
Also, we talked about discipline today. I think we're going to try and implement the coupon system by Mel D in suesstastic classroom inspirations for individual reward system and then have tables compete for points and finally have whole class system where we hang up a balloon for every compliment or good choice the class makes as a whole and at designated intervals, we'll have celebrations on their progress. All pics will be up when I have them.
Lastly, I have a pic I wanted to share with you. We sent home welcome postcards with a ticket that the students need to bring back on the first day. At the end of the day, we'll be passing out these prizes which include a sticker, pencil and eraser.  You can snatch up the tags if you'd like to use them! :)


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