Friday, August 17, 2012

Classroom Update

Hey everyone! Whew, another long day but it's getting better. Tomorrow I'm taking the whole day off and not going up to school. We have a "welcome to the south" party that steve's sister is putting on (she lives near raleigh) and then I am doing nothing the rest of the day. Here's an update of our progress so far. It's really coming along especially if you look back in other posts when I shared pics of day 1. Anyway, here we are!
our it! :)

front of classroom

corner of room
my desk/guided reading table...classroom is going to be crammed with kids so this will do double duty

the metal cart will hold our book boxes and my co-teacher's desk is in the other corner

our door! Yay I love this!!
Anyway, so that's where we're at. On sunday, we plan on coming in and doing some little stuff to get ready for open house. Let me know what ya think! :)