Friday, August 3, 2012

beach fun

Hey Friends! Happy Friday! I must say I am a little disgruntled over my visit to the doctor's office yesterday. I went for a physical for my employment with the school and I knew I would also be getting a TB shot. Well they asked about my other immunizations and I said I had them on record in Ohio, but I got them when I was young. The nurse said they were going to go ahead and update them, since I will be working with such little ones and the shots have changed. Well after 3 shots and some blood work, my bill came to over 300!! (I also don't have insurance yet) I was able to get a discount but it was still too much. It's one of those things that you have to get done, but I just wish they allowed you to do it once the school's insurance kicked in. Grr! I have no money until my first paycheck at the end of the month. (BTW I only get paid once a does your school do it?) So needless to say I am super broke, but not broke enough to enjoy the countdown to myrtle beach  next week where I can relax for a few days and get some sun before school starts. 

In celebration of the beach and any last minute vacations you all might be taking, I've created a beach themed sorting game. Students are to sort the picture cards depending if they contain the digraph (ch) or not. I tried to make the pictures simple so firsties can understand them. Visit my TN store to get a copy! Thanks and have a great Friday!



  1. Oh my word! $300?? Luckily, when I went, I only had to get the TB shot. My district also only pays once a month. (I assume you work in the other district in the county since your first day of school is the day before us.) Last year, it was rough at the beginning, but if you can move most of your bill due dates to the beginning of the month, it really helps you budget your money! Just a though. :)

    Miss R's Room

  2. Being a teacher is sooo expensive! I don't know how many 100s of dollars we have spent on background checks!! I hope you are enjoying the Carolina's. You will have to let me know how your first day of school goes!