Thursday, August 9, 2012

back from the beach

Ahh! We're back already! Where did the time go?? I loved the beach! Our room was awesome and the weather was a little overcast half the time, but still got some color so I'm not complaining. Here are some pics!
view from our hotel room

new employee of the hamburger restaurant

Steve and I on the ferris wheel

ahh...beautiful ocean

ever make one of these?

my drink at Drunken Jack's...if your ever in the myrtle beach area, you have to go here!

walking on the marsh

one of the awesome hotels on the beach...when we have money, we'll stay at one of these! haha

wonderworks attraction at broadway on the beach. we didn't go because the line was long

made entirely of jelly beans!
 Now I'm ready for school! Tomorrow I get to get into the classroom and organize everything. I hear we've got a lot to do. I also got my class list! I have 16 little ones. 8 boys and 8 girls! yay! Well I'll be posting some school stuff soon. Off to walmart for popsicle sticks and more laminating sheets! ;)

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