Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeudic Thursday and what we did today!

Hello! Boy I have such a bad headache so I'm going to try and make this quick so I can relax and zone out in front of the tv. Speaking of relaxing, today's topic is how do you unwind?
 I meantioned in Monday's post that my go to drink is wine. I bought some yesterday on the way home..just the cheap stuff, but still good...Pink Moscato. Try it if you've never had. It's a sweet dessert wine, but I like to have it all the time. (not a big red drinker)
I also am a huge fan of Four Weddings and Craft Wars. I love TLC and I don't watch too much tv, but that is my go-to channel. :)
Finally, I have a kindle and the only way to get tired at night is to read a little. Currently I am reading the night circus and it's pretty good!

Also, as  side note, I guess I took the post from wednesday too literal and I thought we were sharing what city we taught in...I didn't know it was classroom pics. I posted some a few back, but here's some details I took today..
my messy desk

our book display we'll use to show thematic books

daily objectives will be written for the kids

where they turn in their homework

table management program we've started

sink area

my shelf of PD stuff

my windows...found that adorable garland at walmart for under a buck!
So today, we haven't started our normal schedule which was been freaking my co-teacher and I out. We've been scrambling to fill up the morning for when we would otherwise be doing guided reading/literacy block. So today, I did a science experiment and we had the kids predict what would happen and then watch and see. You use milk and food dye then touch the milk with a dab of detergent and it makes the colors move and dance. They loved it! It was definitely one of those "wow" moments and I was so happy! 

I love all their little smiles. Welp, on to dinner and TGI(Almost)F!!


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