Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Updates

Happy Thursday! This week felt like it flew by! :) So my "interview" went well today..i think...It was only a meet and greet, but I noticed it only took 8 minutes! 8 minutes..are you kidding me?! They only asked 4 questions or so and I think I answered them pretty well, but it took 2 hours out of my day to do this today. :/ So I hope it went well...I was up against 80 others and then next week they will narrow down to 30 and call in for formal interviews then I think it gets narrowed down to 10 and everyone comes in to teach a lesson and finally, contracts are signed before memorial day! So a quick process and even though the meeting was a little weird, crossing my fingers I made an impression....

On a math note, here is a pic of one of my third grade students reviewing times tables. I laminated these cute monster problems (got from TPT although don't remember the creator at the moment) They love writing on anything that's not paper! Haha so this was perfect in they got to use overhead markers.
And finally, here are some pics of a first grade lesson I improvised  because I didn't have a lot of time with them today because the general teacher had them taking quizzes so my time was cut short. (Sometimes I hate that about Title, we're not treated as real teachers) But anyway, they are learning to measure so we traced our shoes..they thought it was silly that they got to take them off! :) And then measured them.

That's all for today! It's very hot out for May (86 degrees) so I have the air running full blast and I think I'll have a glass of wine (love Riesling) and finish my book. (Steve King The Dome---great if you've never read)


  1. Firstimpressions34May 3, 2012 at 1:05 PM


    Best wishes for you as you interview.  Were the 80 candidates there for only one job, or were there more openings?  Hang in there!!

    First Impressions

  2. Holy cow!  80 be a teacher in Ohio (as well as other places, I'm sure).  Even though you're in limbo, I love reading your posts.  It's interesting to see/hear/read about the the hiring processes in other districts.  Take care and keeping my fingers crossed for you.  Wish my district had a spot for you!  I think you'd be a hoot to work with!  (Hoot!  Ha!  Just remembered your owl theme!) :)
    A Pirates Life for Us