Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Better

Happy Thursday! I am sad to write I never did get an email for a follow up interview for the district and my job is very much on the line at the charter school since I'm the newbie. :( Still not sure if I'll have the title job in the fall and still applying like crazy almost all over the nation! haha. I just applied to Tuscon, AZ and Lexington, KY. Any teachers out there have openings in your district??

On a happier note, look how much my first graders have grown in knowing their math facts. Earlier this year I had posted these same rockets and they were so white. You can read about how I do this program here. Now they are "rainbowed"! :) Yay! They are so excited to get their treats.

Yesterday I went to a Scholastic Warehouse Sale and spend too much money! (well granted a saved a ton!) I got about 20 books for $60. Love love the warehouse sales! I feel like I collect children's books like people collect baseball cards! hehe :D Some of the titles include Stuart Little, Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse, Pip and Squeak, ABC Animal Jamboree and Hibernation Station. I am so excited and read them all last night. Now to share them with that invisible classroom I have! haha. ughh...well have a good day and Thank God for the weekend tomorrow.

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  1. I collect children's books too!  :)  How did I miss that warehouse sale?!?
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