Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Daily Chat with you

I went in to work this morning and one of the greatest things about being a title teacher is getting to throw all your lessons out the window if you're needed to sub! haha. So that's what I had to do. I subbed for first grade (yay) and we had a pretty good day. A few hiccups...kids being out of control at times, a child throwing up at recess, coloring on erasers and getting ink all over hands, but otherwise, ok day. I wanted to share with you a few pics! 

First up is the teacher's chart I saw in her room. She colors in a box when all the students have stayed on a green the entire day. They work up to classroom rewards and I thought this was a neat idea!
This other pic is a gift the teacher got for teacher appreciation week. Very cute and I bet the parent saw it somewhere on Pinterest!
And the best for last of course!...my first graders are doing Rocket Math and are almost all the way up their rockets or I should say have almost mastered their addition facts through 9! So I told them I would bring in a special treat once they passed their rocket. I saw these cute cupcake suckers at the dollar store on Monday and just knew I had to use them so I tied on a pencil and a tag. I can't wait to give it to them! :) 
The best part is you can snag yourself copies of the tags if you would like to do something similar! ;) Ok, off for a date with my fiance to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. (yes, I'm nerdy and I still like to celebrate it!)

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