Sunday, April 19, 2015

Revamping Behavior management for end of year

Hey guys!
I hope you've been having a good year. It's been hard to update the blog this year, and I don't know why...but I wanted to share with you what I am doing from now until the end of the year...
In my room, I started off the year with a clip chart system, but after the first month, it was not working for my little ones, so I switched to class dojo exclusively. I had the system up daily and gave and took points, plus had rewards and consequences for points. My parents love the daily communication they receive and the fact they can log in at anytime. 
Well , after spring break, I put my kids back into table groups and changed class dojo just to table points. Now the table has to work together to get points and at the end of the day, whichever table has the most, gets to be VIP for the next day. They visit treasure box, where tags around school and get a surprise on desks when they arrive in morning! I love it and they love the change. I think it will work for the end of the year. (only 40 days left!) Here are some highlights..and freebies!

My first group to get VIP last week..they were very excited for the Oreos!

I made a poster to go along with the new system to remind the students how to act like a VIP. (click for copy)

These are the tags I printed and laminated, then hung on necklaces for the VIP members to wear. (click for copy)

And finally, I made a good note and poor choices note to send home to individual students in case they still did awesome and their table didn't get VIP or they really need to change their behavior for next day.
And finally, a reason I've been so busy to update is this little person growing inside! Here is an updated pic from 2 weeks ago! We find out sex next Monday and are beyond excited!!

Have a good week friends!

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