Sunday, September 7, 2014

The First Few Weeks

Hi Friends! I thought I would write a post on how things are going so far this year. Tomorrow starts week 3 of school so we haven't been in too long, but it's been a tad crazy nonetheless.
First I want to say, I have a lot of awesome cuties this year, but I also have a few challenges. I'm still positive that they'll come around but it's made for a difficult transition so far.
I completely did an overhaul on my behavior system after the first week. I did have the clip chart, but they really weren't responding to it and since kindergarten does it as well, it was really no longer effective going into first (at least for my class) So I scrapped it, and signed up for Class Dojo! I've done it before and it worked pretty good, so I emailed the parents and they are on board more so than the clip chart and the kids have loved it too this week! My little one who talks a lot and needs constant redirection even showed emotion when I took a couple points away!
Anyway, here are some pictures at what we've been up to!
They really like doing an episode of kidsyoga (on youtube) occasionally after lunch... (I almost had to cut it short however because some of my boys were getting too silly and not doing the yoga)

We talked about fiction/nonfiction books and used Scholastic flyers to sort some books in small groups. I really loved this activity and could definitely see who were understanding the concept!

I introduced another activity in word work...they get to write their words on their boards (so far they know whiteboards, rainbow write and secret code!)

I introduced Fun Friday centers and 2 of the centers included games and unifix cubes. :)

This week will be a busy one, we start standardized reading testing (we use an online program called MClass..have you heard of it?) 
And then we have a 9/11 parade on Thursday, but I will be out of the building for training so I hope they are good and listen to the sub! :)

That's all for now..enjoy your Sunday!

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